Introducing ‘High Consequence Decision Making’ (HCD)

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‘High Consequence Decision Making’ began as a research project whose aim is to minimise the risk of catastrophic error. HCD draws on a wide range of existing knowledge in order to define and create an organisational culture, management systems, and training programs that can reduce this risk to a minimum.

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Introducing ‘Avoiding Catastrophe’

because failure IS an option

‘Avoiding Catastrophe’ is the overarching concept behind all management decision making that takes place in the face of adversity. It concerns itself with problems, setbacks, difficulties, failures, accidents, and errors, seeking to minimise their impact and prevent catastrophic outcomes in the shape of irreversible damage to an organisation, its capabilities, functioning, even its existence.

This is not the normal focus of management thinking. Managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, commanders, usually concentrate their energies on achieving success, goals, objectives, tasks, the mission. They ask the question, ‘how do we get to where we want to be ?’. This is understandable, it reflects a determination to succeed, a desire to prevail, a ‘can do’ attitude without which nothing is ever accomplished.

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